Monday, January 20, 2014

The race that started it all...

The race that started it all...

October 15, 2011--Hartford, CT

The ING Hartford Half Marathon was my first 13.1 mile race. I trained and felt ready, but on the day of the race I was nervous wondering if I had done enough to really go the distance. The goal I had in mind was to finish in 2 hours. The race itself was fantastic! It is a well organized event that really puts Hartford in a great light. I very much enjoyed running through the various neighborhoods of Hartford and West Hartford and seeing the city in a whole new way. Hartford really has some beautiful areas, and the half marathon run helps to highlight them. My body and mind were strong throughout the race, and the long downhill finish was just the best ending to one’s first half marathon. When all was said and done, I finished with a time of 1:54:21, and I was absolutely thrilled with my time. I crushed my 2 hour goal! 

Amy and I headed back to my house to celebrate with some well-earned food and drink. My wonderful husband was waiting for us with congratulatory flowers and champagne. What a guy! We were thrilled with our race and enjoyed a lovely post-race lunch. I knew then and there that I was hooked on the half. And we laughed and laughed at the ugliest tech shirts ever!

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