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Connecticut (Hartford) Again

Connecticut (Hartford) Again

October 13, 2012

Okay, this one technically doesn’t count or it supersedes my previous Hartford ING half. Either way, it doesn’t matter. This time around, cousin Andrew joined me for the half. It was a very chilly morning but became just the right not-too-warm, not-too-cold  temperature once we got underway. I noticed this time around that Hartford had pacing groups, too, so I decided to get with the 1:45s again to see if I could better my previous best time. Andrew never found me at the start, so we just wished each other well via text and said we’d meet at the finish area. The Connecticut State Library was directly to my left as I stood waiting for the starting gun to go off which I took as a good omen. I only stayed with the pacing group until about the halfway mark in the race. I tried to at least keep them in my sights, but  the 6 thru 9 miles were exhausting this time around. Once I got in to Elizabeth Park, I managed to get some energy back, and on the downhill exit of the park I saw my friend Maureen who cheered for me and gave the spark I needed to power to the finish. Despite losing the pacers, I finished again in 1:48 which was terrific! Andrew was right on my heels and we found each other in Bushnell Park. I love this race due to its hometown proximity and supportive crowds. Maybe when I finish my 50 states I’ll commit to running this every year.
This race was the first one that left me with a difficult recovery. I blame the “sample” power bar I ate just prior to starting. It was a freebie in the race packet, and it was a huge mistake. I got home, showered, and laid in bed for the entire afternoon with piercing cramps in my midsection. I was very worried because I had tickets to see Peter Gabriel that night at Mohegan Sun. I basically just tried to relax as much as possible, and after several real and false alarm trips to the bathroom, I finally felt ok. The first and last time I ever eat anything unusual before a race. And sorry for the lack of pictures...I just didn't get around to taking any this time.

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