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Race #5, State #5 NH

Race #5, State #5 NH

November 25, 2012--Nashua, NH

The Wolf Hollow Half Marathon was the race I chose for New Hampshire. It was a first-time race, but it sounded pretty cool because it featured some trail running, and the date fit in well with my schedule. I also liked the fact that part of the proceeds of the race went to support the local cross country teams. This race took place a few days after Thanksgiving, and my family and I had just spent a week in Florida visiting family, enjoying the holiday and celebrating a special birthday at Walt Disney World. Needless to say, my diet and workout regimen hadn’t been stellar in over a week and I was pretty worried. I drove up to Andrew’s house and stayed with him in Cambridge the night before the race. It was an easy drive up to Nashua, NH where the race was located. The morning was super freezing cold, and we were grateful that the local YMCA allowed us to hang out indoors until the race started. The race started at the Y and passed the local high school on the way to the running trail which looped around a pond. It was a wide, well-established path, thankfully, as I am not very confident on unpaved surfaces. The run through the woods and around the water was a nice change from running on roads. The scenery kept things interesting and helped keep my mind off of the cold. The course turned off in to an athletic field complex where we ran a loop and back in to the woods for some hills and another loop around most of the entire course. The finish brought us back to the area where we began. My finish time wasn’t great (1:55), but I was just happy to have finished a half marathon right after our mega-vacation-holiday-birthday trip. Andrew and I both enjoyed the run, as it was a nice departure from the big road races we had done previously. Small town(ish) run=fun! The drive home was the toughest part of the day. Three hours back to CT with tired legs on the pedals. I was ready to put my feet up when I got home.

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