Saturday, March 11, 2017

Focusing in on Lent

So it is Lent, and this year I decided to forego wine and beer for Lent. Definitely a sacrifice, but one I decided to do to try to refocus my nutrition and finally lose that 5 lbs. that crept up on me last year when I was working full time. I've been trying to get rid of those last few pounds since last summer, but it really hasn't budged. I figured it was time to quit the empty calories of alcohol for a bit to help speed things up. So far, so good.
I just barely squeaked in with my WW weigh in last month, too. Maybe it is because February is a short month, or because we were so busy skiing and doing other things, but I just didn't make it in to the WW meeting room until the last day of the month! I was only .2 off of last month's weigh in, so better than I expected (especially considering that most ski days have us eating out both breakfast and lunch!). Crisis averted on that front. It should be easier to get in to the meeting room in March, assuming that ski season winds down, although with a predicted nor'easter coming next week, who knows? I'm definitely ready for winter to take a hike so I can get back outdoors for running.
Lent has also got us eating more fish. Our local little fish market just reopened for the season, and recently we tried the arctic char for the first time. What a delicious fish! It looks like salmon, but the flavor is more mild and it is buttery tasting. I baked it with just a bit of cooking spray on it, and it came out amazing. Our kids wanted seconds on it. It was that good. I'm looking forward to trying other new types of fish over the next month or so and seeking out new recipes to try. I really love fish, so I don't mind having more of it this season at all.
Spring is coming fast, and a bit of sacrifice now is worth it to feel strong and healthy for summer. Focusing now for fun later. Sounds good to me.

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