Thursday, February 9, 2017

Next race, coming up soon!

Only a few short weeks until my next state half marathon. This time it is South Carolina! I am registered to run the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on March 4, and I'm really looking forward to this trip. My Aunt Linda and Uncle Pete live there, so of course I had to choose a race so I could work in a visit. They are such wonderful people, and I know we will have a fun weekend. They are excited for the race, as they've never been to one before. Should I tell them that it isn't always the most exciting spectator sport? As inspiring as the marathon/half-marathon can be to onlookers, it isn't exactly the Patriots coming from a 25-point deficit to win it in overtime in the Super Bowl. I hope they have a terrific first experience. I'm just excited to have some fans in the finish line crowd for this trip.
Aunt Linda and Uncle Pete
I am scheduled to have a long run (12 miles) this weekend, but as we are having a large snowstorm today (8-12 inches), it looks like that long run will be on the treadmill. That isn't my first choice, but it will get the job done. I am proud of my mileage so far this year. I hit 125 miles in January, which is a huge improvement over my illness-riddled January of last year which brought me a measly 39 miles. So, I'm feeling pretty awesome with this year's number. In fact, looking back at my last several months, I've posted more than 100 miles a month since September of 2016. I had to chuckle about that because in September the kids went back to school, and I was no longer working full time...I see a direct correlation. 😊 Working part-time this year gives me the best of both worlds: income and time for running.
It is so crazy to look outside as I am writing this post to see the snow falling briskly. We are in for a big storm today, so much so that school was cancelled last night for today. That never happens. What is even crazier is that it was almost 60 degrees F yesterday! I reveled in a 5.4 outdoor mile run in the sun yesterday. It was delicious. As much as winter isn't my favorite season, it has been bearable this year due to these sporadic warm days that make an outdoor run a possibility. It surely breaks up the monotony of the treadmill. But the gym isn't all that bad. I am very grateful to have my Planet Fitness membership, and I love being part of the super early morning crowd. It feels like an elite athlete club in some ways because we are all so dedicated to get our fitness in (and so bright and early in the morning!). I look forward to seeing my morning gym peeps! In fact, Miss Doreen, a new friend I've made at the gym, beeped at me from her car recently as I was outside running. Thanks for being a part of my fan club, Doreen!
My last item of note is that I'd like to recognize my friend Hazel for running her first Half Marathon! Hazel is one of my earliest childhood friends, and she lives in Texas. I ran the 3M Half Marathon last January in her neck of the woods, and we were able to spend some lovely and very precious time together after not seeing each other in close to 20 years! She was so inspired by my goal of running in all 50 states that she immediately signed up to run the 3M in 2017. Well, mission accomplished for her. She ran the race a couple of weeks ago and finished strong. Hooray, Hazel! I'm so proud of you for setting this goal and achieving it! Keep it up, and we will absolutely run together in the future. And to any other aspiring runners out there...go for it! Set a goal and attain it!
Hazel and I last January. XO!

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