Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Springtime in December

I can't believe I haven't blogged since mid-November! What a slacker! Actually, life has become more hectic again. I started a new job in the middle of November, and with work/home/volunteering/running life to balance out, things have been busy for sure. Throw the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations in there and that equals not much time for typing about running. 
Somehow I've managed to at least keep my running going. I caught a head cold/sinus thing earlier in the month of December, but kept pushing through. Most of my running has been shorter distances at the gym on the treadmill. This has been fine given the winter weather (cold temps and dark mornings). 
But today was an amazing exception...we had 53 degree temps and sunshine, so I hit the road. It wasn't an easy run, but any outdoor distances I can do this time of year feel wonderful. I'm carrying around a bit of holiday (and general bad habit) weight gain, so it was a slow 10.7 miles, but at least I did it. I am on track to complete 100 miles for this month with only a few days left to make it happen. 
I missed more days near the beginning of December than I cared to, but many of those were due to my husband's travel schedule and not being able to get to the gym with my kids to care for. That's ok, a few longer runs have helped make up for it, and I should be fine in terms of hitting my goal for the month. I'm noticing that I need to try to be more consistent about my running days though. I can't blow off my workouts on days when I'm feeling lazy...those are the days I need to get the running done because I never know when I will have to miss a day due to schedules. I guess that is one of my New Year's resolutions. Be more consistent. That and to add more weight training. And to clean up my diet. Time to shed those extra pounds that have been creeping up on me. 
My family and I spent a fun night with two of our good friends last night. Dinner at our house to celebrate the holidays. We had a super time, and my friend Patti gave me the best gift. It made me laugh, and I love it so much! Here's a pic:

So I continue to put the miles on my sneakers...through December and on in to 2017. I wish you many happy and healthy miles in your new year, too.

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