Thursday, March 13, 2014


It is no secret that the weather has been all the buzz here in Connecticut in recent weeks. I’m grateful to say that I was able to get outdoors (finally!) for two runs this past week. One run was on Saturday in beautiful 50 degree sunshine for a lovely 7 miler. The other run was yesterday. Temperatures were in the high 30’s when I stepped out and were well in to the 40’s when I finished. I was very much on the fence about running outdoors yesterday because of impending rain, but I took a chance and managed to finish up 11+ miles well before any rain kicked in. It was invigorating and quite perfect, despite the many puddles and mud slicks around. I was just overjoyed to breathe real air. Slightly cool, slightly breezy. Color me happy.
I’m very much a fair-weather runner. Literally. I rarely run in the rain, and after this winter, I’m shying away from cold temps from now on, too. I’ll slog through heat just to bang out miles but with likely less than optimal performance. But I’ll do it. I will get out there. Add any precipitation, and I’m less likely to brave it out. I’ll hit the gym or do some other form of exercise instead. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t love running in the rain. I’ll suck it up if I’m out there on the road at the time of a passing storm or shower, but I never choose to begin a run if it is raining. I don’t love having sloshy running shoes. I don’t love having my t-shirts stick to me. I don’t find it refreshing. Ick.
I’ve noticed, too, that my fingertips randomly go numb from time to time now, and I blame the cold weather running for that. I wear gloves when I run, and a few minutes in to a run I’m usually all warmed up, so in general running in the cold isn’t a huge problem. What I find now though, is on cold days when I’m just out and about (grocery shopping for instance), my fingertips will go numb and turn rather white. Weird. Note to self to check in with a doctor. Hopefully the spring temperatures turn in to a regular trend very soon and all of this gets left behind. 
For the minute though, I’m feeling encouraged to be back out there on the streets, taking in the scenery and fresh miles. One more long run next week before tapering for Chicago. Inspiration back in motion. 

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  1. Hi Kristen, Have a great race in Chicago. I have been getting out there and doing something when the weather cooperates, but I have been subject to low interest when it doesn't. Reading this has inspired me to make sure I don't let the weather stop me. Thank you!