Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A very good fall running season

Pumpkins for sale at a roadside stand along my running route. 
So, Runner’s World magazine beat me to the punch (sort of) last week when they posted a gif-fy article on their Facebook feed about the merits of fall running. I’ve really been enjoying my autumnal running this year, which is unusual for me, as spring is always my favorite running season. I love the spring because everything starts sprouting, the air and sun begin to feel warmer, people are in happy moods because it is getting lighter out and warmer. Little league sign-up signs appear all along my running routes. It is an optimistic time of year. I love that.
View of woods along my driveway as I left for my run. Gorgeous!
Fall used to be my favorite season when I was a kid. I loved the changing colors on the trees, the cool air so I didn’t get so hot outside while playing in the neighborhood, apple pies. Now when fall comes, I mostly just feel the impending dread that long, dark, winter is heading our way. It is a pessimistic time of year for me.
Tree on the corner of my street. 
Gino tree in a nearby neighbor's yard. Stunning!
Maples a couple of blocks from my house.
This year, however, fall has been really nice, especially for running. The temps have mostly been mild, but mornings are cool, helping to edge me out the door to take in that sweet chill in the air. It has reminded me of my days running on the cross-country team in high mornings and warm afternoon practice runs and meets. The colors on the trees have been amazing, too. I stopped and took some photos during one of my runs a couple of weeks ago because the colors were just show-stopping. I’m a bit surprised by this, as the summer was so dry I thought for sure the leaves would go straight from green to brown this year. Not so!
I also had to adjust my running route this fall which really helped make being out on the road more enjoyable. My most regular route is currently under construction and has been for several weeks. I’ve had to try some new places to get my mileage done, and the change in scenery has been very enjoyable. Funny how breaking out of one’s regular routine can really liven up one’s experience. 
Farm field dotted with Canada geese.
It is early November and the temperatures were in the low 70’s here today. It was sunny and warm and beautiful. Not only was I able to bang out a 7.24 mile run, I also started a project outdoors…refinishing a table. How nice to be outdoors sanding a piece of furniture on a November afternoon! Lucky me! 
Gorgeous foliage along my return route.
Bright sun on stunning colored trees.
However, I also realize that the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a colder and snowier winter than normal. Although it isn’t predicting a complete snowpocalypse or anything, just a bit more than normal. I can deal with that, especially since we have a family ski pass this year. I’ll be getting my miles in on the slopes, I guess. 
For now, I will enjoy my out door running while it lasts. I already had to use my gym membership twice due to very cold morning temps and the threat of rain/snow. My gym knows I’m back for the treadmill. Hey, gotta have a back up, right? But I hope that the remaining weeks in November allow me to follow my sidewalks and smell the fresh air with an occasional whiff of a warm fireplace mixed in. Feeling like a really fortunate runner these days getting to take in all the spectacular views. 
Sign o' the times!

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