Friday, September 30, 2016

LEGO my goody bag!

I'm running in a little 5K race in my hometown tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it despite the fact that the weather isn't looking great. The race is hosted by LEGO which houses its U.S. headquarters in my little town. I've heard good things about the race from other runners who have participated in it in the past, but this is my first time joining in.
Lightning McQueen LEGO statue.
Yesterday, my youngest daughter and I dropped by their offices to pick up my number for the race and numbers for her and her sister for the kids race. It was so much fun going there! I tend to forget that this company is right here where I live and is only about three miles from my house. We pulled into the parking lot, and to our delight, we were met with all kinds of LEGO sculptures. We saw Lightning McQueen, Cinderella, the Harry Potter kids, a Ninjago guy, Indiana Jones, Po from the newest Star Wars movie and some other guy we didn't really know who looked like some kind of sword-wielding knight. Total coolness. We took a few photos with the LEGO statues and then headed in to the building to pick up the numbers.
Ella with Cole the Ninjago guy.
Hanging with Hermione, Harry and Ron.
Star Wars Jedi pilot...we think it is Po.
First of all, it is delightful to actually live in the town where the race is being held. No major travel or worry about not getting there on time for number pick up. I picked my number up on a Thursday, so no crowds or traffic to get through. Then, we get our numbers and a huge goody bag with two GIANT sets of LEGOs in it and a race tech shirt and t-shirts for the kids! Mother lode! My daughter was overjoyed (as was her sister when she eventually got home later that night)! Total coolness, LEGO people! You rock for providing the world's best race goody bag ever...and for a 5K no less. 
Goody bag haul. Totes awesome!
Immediate gratification. 
Thank you for making our pre-race build up so fun (pun intended :)). We can't wait to hit the race route tomorrow...rain or shine!
LEGO t-shirt models.

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