Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back to business!

I finally feel like I'm getting back to business here. It has been too long that I've been inconsistent (or non-existent!) with blogging. Work made life very busy this past six months, which really is no excuse, but nonetheless, I got away from the blog. Additionally, my running became inconsistent as well. My husband's work travel schedule increased, and between my work day and running my kids around to their activities, I didn't always achieve my desired mileage per week. In 2015, I typically averaged 100 miles a month or so, and the past six months I didn't get near that more often that not. Certainly not where I wanted to be. Add to that the fact that I haven't been the world's most diligent Weight Watcher either, favoring quick, easy freezer-to- table options rather than home cooked healthy specialties, and my weight has inched up a bit. I'm working on all of these things now that summer is here and my job has ended.
View of my work space.
Somewhat typical day at work.
That being said, I had a terrific year at work! It was nice to head back in to the workplace after a 5 year hiatus raising my kids. I fell in with an amazing group of people at an intermediate school in Granby, CT. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful and willing to jump in to whatever project or activity was happening at school. It was an environment with great energy and positive morale which made it a pleasure to go to work each day. I also had an incredibly supportive principal, which is so crucial in a school setting. I was so lucky that this was my first experience with work after a prolonged time off. I will miss it, as my job was eliminated due to the closing of a school in the district. I have, however, offered to come back as a volunteer to help out...that's how much I enjoyed being there. Shout out to my Wells peeps!
Excellent co-workers!
In the meanwhile, I am able to get back to business with my running, dieting, family focus, sleep :), and healthy cooking. I managed to hit 102 miles for June, and I'm well on my way to hitting 100 for July as well. With my next half marathon around the corner (next weekend!), I'm in good standing. I've started going back to my favorite Thursday morning Weight Watchers meeting, and although I haven't lost much, I'm at least thinking more about healthy eating. 
Garden corn
Garden squash
My husband has also planted an amazing garden, and we've been enjoying all sorts of incredible greens in our salads this summer. That's been pretty wonderful. 
Red kale
Swiss chard
Beet greens
Romaine lettuce
I don't have to get up at 4:45 am each morning to fit in my running anymore, thus, extra sleep feels like a luxury. I get to hang out with my kids every day at their swimming lessons, golf lessons, piano lessons and other fun activities that come up. Life is good.
Golf lesson for the youngest 
Oldest paddle boarding with pals on July 4th. Fun!
My next race is the Her Tern Half Marathon in Anchorage, AK. Yes, Alaska! I can hardly believe it! This will be my 30th state half marathon, which I also cannot believe. 30! I was on the website for the race the other day, watching one of the videos they have posted there. The footage shows the women runners heading along a trail when suddenly moose are crossing the path! Oy! I am really in for a wild run this time! I may have to break my rule of never taking my phone out during a race to take pictures in the midst of this race. Even though I may not be at my ideal race weight, and I may not be running my fastest times right now, I'm really looking forward to the adventure. We are also hoping to have some fjords, puffins, glaciers, mountains, whales and hiking in our future there. It will be an outstanding trip, no doubt.
So, on I run. I have three more 5-mile runs to do before leaving. I can handle that. I do have to say though, that after adding in the P90X yoga and the 21-day fix Dirty 30 workouts last week, I've been hobbling around with sore legs and a sore back. Hopefully that all shakes out, and I'll be able to run strong. It's been slow-going the last few days out on my regular routes. But as I like to say, "Slow is better than No." Good thing my husband helped me secure a visit with my massage therapist this week. Amen to that! Next time I write, I'll be writing about the Anchorage adventure. Stay tuned!

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