Thursday, October 1, 2015

On Nearing the Halfway Point

This coming weekend marks the official halfway point of my 50x50 half-marathon journey. It is amazing to me that I am this far along. I started working on this goal in 2011 when I ran my first half-marathon here in Connecticut, and actually I didn't even set the goal at that time. It wasn't until I ran my next half-marathon in New York in 2012 that I really made the decision to go for all 50 states. 
Now here I am, standing on the edge of number 25! Amazing. I just recently started putting together a non-blogisphere scrapbook (yup, the old school kind), and it has been a wonderful way to revisit all the places I've had the pleasure to experience while running. Each race has been special in its own way, and all of them carry special memories for me. I've saved all my race bibs, and pasting each one of them in my scrapbook calls up the emotions I felt each time I raced. I truly have loved every moment of these trips and races. Most especially, I love the people who I have connected with along the way and those who have traveled along with me. It is so nice to have those memories to look back upon. 
Low-tech scrapbook in progress.
So this weekend I head to Michigan to a small town called Frankenmuth. It is a Bavarian style town apparently, and I can't wait to see what it is all about. There definitely is a story there...but seriously, what a perfect time of year to be heading to a German-themed locale. Octoberfest, anyone? The race is called the Bruckelaufe Half Marathon and is sponsored by the local Jaycees group . Bruckelaufe means "bridge race" in German, and this race has runners traversing over 13 bridges in 13.1 miles. Some of them are covered bridges or other special kinds of bridges. I can't wait to see what it is all about, and hopefully capture a few good photos while I am there. (And maybe track down a bratwurst when I'm finished.) Interestingly, Michigan was the 26th state to enter the union, and this is technically my 26th half-marathon (although my 25th state overall). So I guess 26 is a lucky number, too.
Stay tuned for my review of the Bruckelaufe coming later this week. I can't wait to have number 25 officially in the books (blog and scrapbook). 

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